P.A.S. Ambulance Network

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The P.A.S. Ambulance Network extends throughout the UK and Eire.

From the West Coast of Ireland, to Essex, on the East Coast UK

From Inverness Northern Scotland, to Cornwall South of England.

P.A.S. "First Call" can call upon the services of Professional, Private and Paramedic, Ambulance Services to undertake any Repatriation Service at Home or Abroad.

57 Professional NAPAS Services,

Now Operating from over 100 individual bases. with;

16Medical Cars (Category 1)

66 Low-profile Ambulances (Category 2)

58 Accident & Emergency Ambulance (Category 2)

83 Extended Equipped Ambulances (Category 3)


Employing the following Qualified Staff  

12 First aiders (Grade A)  

128 Intermediate Technicians (Grade B1)

153 Ambulance Technicians (Grade B)

123 Extended Trained Paramedics (Grade C)

36 Medical Doctors (Grade C Plus)

452 qualified and experienced staff over the full ranges of Ambulance Aid Duties.

Last year NAPAS Management received NO Complaints with regard to the services employed


During the past year NAPAS Members received a record 468 Commendations about the services employed.



Footnote: This listing has been updated on the 12th JUNE 2012.

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