P.A.S. Ambulance Consultants

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P.A.S. Ambulance Consultants is a Company that has been trading as Independent Ambulance Consultant's since 1987.

It presently works for over 200 clients including multi-National Company's, NHS Trusts and others providing direct advice, or Ambulance Provision through members of the National Association of Professional Ambulance Services (NAPAS)

Peter Littledyke the Senior Consultant has over 50 years experience of Ambulance Services throughout the UK, and the Company employs a number of Associated Consultants, who are specialists in other differing aspects of Ambulance Services, all of whom have between 30 and 40 years practical experience in their fields.

Peter Littledyke has been involved in many inquiries and projects over the years including, the Miller Report, The McCarthy Report, The House of Commons Emergency Services Expenditure Committee Report. More recently The Ambulance Service National Dispute and The London Ambulance Service Inquiry, together with many other Public and Private Inquiries and investigations requiring expert Independent evidence or Independent views.

Peter Littledyke is National Director of NAPAS a wholly owned Self Regulatory National Association of Private Ambulance Services and Professional Ambulance Services that have been operating for the past fourteen years, in the UK and which has now been extended to include Europe.

The Company specializes in providing solutions to practical problems within Ambulance Services, together with Professional Ambulance Service Provision through the Inspected P.A.S. Ambulance Network including, Ambulance Vehicle and equipment Design projects. One such development is "P.A.S. First Call" a system, designed to provide NHS Trusts and Repatriation Services with cost effective estimates, for any given journey, either in the UK or Europe at low cost, coupled with complete journey planning throughout, and central billing. Providing additional available resources to a high quality standard, and assisting NHS Services to improve their own business plans and charter standards through mutual cooperation and support.

Year on Year P.A.S. Ambulance Consultants has increased turnover, and its profits from its many and varied activities. Its client base continues to increase, mainly obtained through satisfied client's recommendations or repeated extra business, through provision of Private, Professional and Paramedic Ambulance Service's, many clients of who describe them as "Simply the Best".

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