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(1) It is the Policy of NAPAS and its registered members that only staffs are employed that have shown competence, training, and experience to the levels considered necessary for the tasks undertaken. And that the levels determined, are further enhanced by the updating of methods, through both formal training and through experience gained, in both the N.H.S. (Public) and Private sector services.


NAPAS Ambulance staff training. Supply levels are normally designated into three Grades:

(a) Ambulance Drivers (ATS) (PTS)  

(b) Ambulance Attendants / Technicians.

(c) Extended Trained Technicians (Paramedics)

It is not the policy of NAPAS or its Registered Members to provide any staff of a lower grade than is considered necessary to competently carry out the tasks to be undertaken or outside of their trained levels and experience.

In certain instances, competent nursing staff may be employed, where these are State Registered and have received additional training in the skills required in relation to Ambulance working.

Otherwise all Ambulance Attendants reach the training standards of N.H.S.T.D. Miller 4. or USA Intermediate Proficiency. And have completed at least one year in service, under the direction of a qualified Attendant/Technician, and received a certificate of competency, and experience in all duties, including care and treatment, of accident and emergency patients.

Extended Trained Attendants / Technicians reach the training standards of N.H.S.T.D. extended trained Paramedics. Or USA EMT Paramedics, and are qualified Ambulance Technicians, who have received further training, including clinical practice and certified as competent in at least three intervention subjects, and are in possession of a certificate of competency in those core subjects, these include: Defribillation - Intubation - and Infusion. These may be extended, by further training above these base levels.


It is NAPAS Policy that NO employee may be classed as an Attendant / Technician, UNLESS ALL TRAINING LEVELS HAVE SHOWN COMPETENCE, by training and experience, and that NO employee can be classed as a Paramedic extended trained Technician, unless they have certificates of competency IN AT LEAST THREE CORE SUBJECTS. If they have competency in less than these three subjects, they may only be classed as Technicians.


It is NAPAS Policy that all Registered Members must maintain a satisfactory Insurance Indemnity to a minimum of 1 Million in respect of the following: Public Liability - Product Liability - Treatment Liability.

This must be extended "That were accidental injury has not occurred the indemnity must be extended in respect of claim for Breach of Professional Duty. Consequent upon Neglect, Error or Omission in providing Advice, Treatment or Prescription in the course of Business" and should include and provide indemnity to any principle, any Director of Insured and any person employed. This may exclude Medical or Dental Practitioners, who when sub-contracted must provide Indemnity cover via their respective bodies.

All registered members must maintain Employers Liability Insurance as required by Law.

All Registered Members must maintain satisfactory Insurance Liability in respect of Vehicles used, to meet lawful Liability for third party and passenger risks.


It is NAPAS Policy that registered members must maintain vehicles in a road-worthy condition at all times. And for each vehicle to receive an annual Ministry of Transport Inspection on an annual basis from NEW, and that all vehicles employed receive regular maintenance, and members keep written records of such checks on a daily / weekly basis.


It is NAPAS policy that all staff must be supplied with sufficient equipment to carry out the tasks and skills, that they may reasonably be called upon to perform. And that all such equipment is regularly maintained in a safe and serviceable condition, and that members keep written records on a daily / weekly basis, of any faults and rectification.

A minimum standard approved equipment list is available.


It is NAPAS Policy that every Registered member may be used upon National Contracts negotiated by PAS Ambulance Consultants, and that the member must certify that they will only supply staff within the grading required, and vehicles to the equipment standard required.


It is NAPAS Policy that each Registered Member, when undertaking any contract or working, shall make arrangements. To ensure that suitable communications, (at all times when on site, or during the course of any journey) are available, to call upon additional assistance, that may be required, in the event of an emergency or breakdown.


NAPAS are a Self-Regulatory Group of Independent and NHS Ambulance Operators, managed by PAS Ambulance Consultants. Applications for membership are open to any Independent Ambulance Operator, who meets the membership criteria. Registration may be withdrawn together with all benefits or awards, where it is proven that the Group Policy standards have been abused or not complied with.


It is NAPAS Policy to work in cooperation with all other Emergency Services. Including Public and Voluntary Services in a Professional, and proper manner, and to render assistance to members of the public, wherever the member services are in attendance in a professional capacity. And to further render assistance, above any contracted requirements (Free of charge) where transportation is not involved, and to call upon the services of the appropriate Ambulance Authority to ensure that any patient is transported to a place of treatment, as required and is the lawful duty of such Authority.

Transportation of a member of the Public will only be undertaken, where a prior contractual agreement is available.


It is NAPAS Policy and that of its Registered Members to:

: Only employ Competent staff that are fit to undertake the duties required and

: In accordance with recommendations of the Home Office and Ministry of Health to ensure that staff employed on operational duties, are free from certain convictions.

(For this purpose from April 2002 all operational and new staff employed by individual UK members are to be subject to Enhanced Disclosure requirements. This check is through the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) an Executive agency of the British Home Office. For this purpose NAPAS have been registered as the Regulatory Organisation for Private Ambulance Services in the UK, and have agreed to abide by the CRB Code of Practice in relation to such disclosure details.

: Bound by Patient Confidentiality, and that,

: Staff undertaking invasive procedures, undertake verification with regard to infection by Aids or Hepatitis B virus, in that they will not knowingly place any patient or other person at risk from infection, in accordance with acceptable National practice.


It is NAPAS policy, that wherever possible each member service has an appointed Medical Advisor (Doctor) to whom, reference can be made on a local basis for advice, as required.

In addition, wherever possible access is also available to local NHS Ambulance Authority panels.

The Central office, also have such services available for member Medical Support.


Immediate Consumer Concerns. These are best dealt with at the time, if you have any concerns these should be raised either with the crew at the time, or as soon as possible after, direct with the "napas" Registered Service

Any person having a complaint in relation to any registered or approved "napas" Registered Member Service should in the first instance take up the matter directly with the member service, who should investigate the complaint and send a full and prompt written reply.

If the matter for complaint cannot be resolved and rectified at member service level, or if the complaint is concerning non-compliance or gross abuse of the "napas" policy standards, then the matter may be referred in writing. A verbal complaint is acceptable where the client has difficulty in providing such in written form, direct to the Group management, who will act in mediation to resolve matters. The Group Management address can be obtained from any member service.

Where matters concern possible claims for Medical Negligence, Personal Injury, or Defective Products supplied, these matters are referred to the Individual Registered Members Insurance Company, and will be outside of the scope of the "napas" Arbitration process.

A copy of the "napas" Complaints & Concerns Procedure is freely available from any service


It is not NAPAS policy or its registered member's policy, to convey persons with infectious diseases, other than those, that have been diagnosed prior to conveyance. Any diseases requiring special precautions or notification to the Public Health Authority, requires prior arrangements and precautions, and are only accepted after obtaining detailed medical advice.


It is NAPAS Policy that all Registered members shall comply with the Road Traffic Acts, Vehicle Construction and Use Regulations, and the 1994 Finance Act in relation to the supply and use of member services ambulances and other vehicles. Registered Member Services shall also comply with the working time directive; the Competition Act 1998 and the Data Protection Act as applicable


It is "napas" Policy that its Registered Members shall comply with all relevant Code of Practice for Advertising and Sales Promotion, and shall not claim to provide a service, that they are unable to provide on a direct basis or through a responsible third party.


It is "napas" Policy and that of its Registered Members that contracts do not include any terms that may contravene any Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations. And where any delays in providing services are found unavoidable, clients will be given as much notice as possible, and if necessary suitable "napas" alternatives should be suggested.

No service shall engage in any high pressure selling. They shall always provide clear and accurate information on key contract terms and full written information on request.

Wherever possible the client must be provided with clear pricing information, providing a breakdown of charges if requested, including where appropriate details of any additional surcharges for Late Payment / Credit / Cancellation or additional charges that may be applied due to unforeseen circumstances.

Clear and accurate information must be provided on such cancellation rights as are given in law, and any additional rights offered.

No Contract offered shall be less than the Consumers Statutory rights.



It is "napas" Policy and that of its Registered Members that any payments made in advance will where ever possible be protected and held separate to any other funds, until the service has been completed, and where a cancellation is made, advance deposits will be speedily refunded.

For this purpose if required or specifically requested by the client. "napas" will make available to Registered napas Members a designated "napas Clients Account" where such funds can be held on behalf of clients, as appointed stakeholder, and made available to the member promptly after successful completion of the services required.


It is "napas" Policy and that of its Registered Members to have in place a reasonable system that is easily accessible and user-friendly to ensure that any clients or representatives, who need advice or information, may do so. Likewise to also provide additional help for any Vulnerable Patient/persons so that they do not unduly make an incorrect or inappropriate decision.

All clients may be referred to "napas Central Assistance" via the available published Free-Phone number for any additional free advice.


It is NAPAS Policy that each Registered member shall provide a signed statement of Authorisation, for use of Ambulance & Ambulance Aid Skills for employees, whilst they are engaged on any duties required by the member employer.

That statement shall authorise employees to "Use their skills when needed" and that the employee shall be indemnified in accordance with rule 4 of this Code of Practice for all duties undertaken, whilst undertaking paid duties with the individual member.

Provided that the employee employed on Ambulance Aid duties:

  1. At no time exceeds the levels for which he / she has received the required training or the clinical practice to undertake.
  2. Is in possession of a certificate of competence to undertake the required skills.

For the purpose's of Reference:

The NHSTD 'Ambulance Service Paramedic Training Code of Practice' Section 1 units 1-4 (July 1993) shall be the guide for extended staff.

For all other duties the reference documents shall be:

  1. The NHSTD Ambulance Service Basic Training Manual (1991)
  2. The NHSTD Ambulance Service Paramedic Training Manual (July 1993)
  3. Together with additional 'BASICS' 'PHTLS' or 'ALS' or RGN Nursing protocols as deemed appropriate in the circumstances, and these shall be the basis for acceptable practice, together with the NAPAS Code of Practice and Health & Safety Policy (Current Edition)

15a DRUGS PROTOCOL (new 2001)

It is the Policy of NAPAS and its Registered Members to give authorisation in accordance with Rule 15 for selected named qualified persons to hold and administer specified prescription only medicines, in accordance with prior agreed Doctors written authority and directions.

And each and every named person so authorised, shall be issued with and must hold an individual copy of the written NAPAS Group protocols and Doctors / Patient Group Directions duly signed by both the Employer and the individual member services Medical Director or Medical Advisor (Doctor). And that these Protocols shall be referred to as 'The NAPAS Group Drugs protocol'.


It is "napas" Policy that registered members whom undertake regulated activities shall comply with the Safe Guarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 chapter 47, in that in addition to operational staff, any person who manages or supervises a person carrying out a regulated activity, shall be subject to an enhanced Criminal Record Check and ISA Registration, as shall every operational employee.

In addition to ensure that Managers, Directors, Partners and Sole Traders are of good character, they shall declare if they have ever been in such capacity, entered into Bankruptcy, Winding Up Procedures, Administration or Voluntary Arrangements of any Company or Service, or been cautioned, convicted or warned concerning any Professional misconduct or that he/she has not fulfilled obligations to pay social security contributions, or payment of taxes within any Countries jurisdiction.


It is "napas"  Policy that Registered Members shall as far as reasonably practicable shall comply with the Department of Health's Code of Practice with regard to Cleanliness and Infection Control.

The revised Code of Practice and membership requirements for NAPAS Professional Ltd can be found here

(c) Copy write: 1992 revised 1995/96/97/98/99/ 2000/01/02/03/04  revised 2009-10 Priv-Amb. Services. This document may not be reproduced, or copied in part or in whole without license. License is only granted to members of The National Association of Private Ambulance Services in respect of prior approved Group Activities. Other persons, Organisations or individuals will be licensed, provided it is only reproduced in its whole format, and it is not used for any commercial or financial gain or in competition with the copyright holders.

Full acknowledgment must always be made when used by any of the above.

revised 26/4/2020

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