Vehicle & Staff Grade's

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In our efforts to remove ambiguity, NAPAS Ambulance equipment standards were redefined in 1994/95, in line with the proposed European CEN Standards for vehicle use.

This in no way infers that the vehicles, may meet the criteria for design measurements, as this will only be possible once new vehicles become available to the new standards. It is however an attempt to place existing equipped vehicles, into a more sensible listing. All that we have undertaken is to ensure that the minimum equipment levels can be placed into the levels of care expected, for example;


"An Ambulance or Car equipped for patients not expected to become emergency patients"


"A Vehicle identified as an Ambulance, designed & Equipped for the transport, basic treatment & monitoring of patients."


"A vehicle identified as an Ambulance, designed & equipped for the transport, advanced treatment and monitoring of patients."


In a further attempt to remove any ambiguity, Ambulance Staff Minimum training levels were also redefined as follows,

Grade 'A' Ambulance Staff

"A person trained, and considered competent by a certificating body to deal with patients who are unlikely to become emergency patients. (Ambulance Drivers Non-Emergency.)

Grade 'B1' Ambulance Staff (Intermediate Technician)

"A person trained, and considered competent by a certificating body in Ambulance Aid, who has not received the required experience to deal with emergency patients (An Intermediate Technician) This person may undertake duties in Grade A situations without supervision. But may only undertake duties in Grade B situations when under the supervision of a qualified person with experience. This includes certain Red Cross, St. Johns, NAPAS, NHSTD Pre-Proficiency, and certain others.

Grade 'B' (Ambulance Technicians)

"A person trained, and considered competent by a certificating body in Ambulance Aid, and with experience to deal with patients of an emergency nature (Ambulance Attendants / Technicians) Additional local skills are listed otherwise all parts apply, including experience."

GRADE 'C' (Extended Trained Technician/Nurse)

"A person who has extended training, above Grade B Level, and is considered competent by a certificating body in extended Ambulance Aid, with clinical experience certified by a Medical Consultant, to deal with advanced treatment and monitoring of Emergency Patients, including Defibrillation, Intubations and Infusion. Additional Local skills may have been added above these levels listed. ALL MUST HOW EVER BE UPDATED Annually and Tri-Annually as required.

The relevant acceptable qualifications have been placed above each grade, in certain instances competent State Registered Nursing staff, who have received additional training in the skills, in relation to Ambulance working are included within the above grades. They must have also reached competence in all the required subjects, to the levels of training stated, and have to hold current certification and clinical practice certificates where indicated.

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revised 26/4/2020