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It has been Nationally recognised since 1970, that Ambulance Aid is a skill of Care and Treatment prior to, and during transportation. These skills can only be achieved through both training and experience, that essential experience should always be obtained through qualified supervision, this includes both Basic and Extended Skills. NAPAS Member Services always ensure that this is undertaken before they will accept staff as being competent.

Grade A Staff. (Basic Qualification)

"A person trained and considered competent by a certificating body to deal with patients that are unlikely to become emergency patients."


Grade B1 Staff. (Intermediate Technicians)

"A person trained and considered competent by a certificating body in Ambulance Aid, who has not received the required experience to deal with emergency patients." (I.e. Grade B Staff without the Experience) These include NHSTD, Miller 2, Miller IV Pre-Proficiency, USA EMT Ambulance, SJAB Level 2, Red Cross Ambulance Aid, Whye Forest/Lifeline Ambulance Aid Etc.

Grade B Staff (Ambulance / Nurse Technicians)

"A person trained and considered competent by a certificating body in Ambulance Aid and with the experience to deal with patients of an emergency nature."

These include NHSTD Miller IV, USA EMT Intermediate, State Registered Nurses and some other Grades meeting the standard and criteria requirements.


Grade C Staff. (Extended Trained Technician/Nurse)

"A person who has extended training above grade B levels, and is considered competent by a certificating body in extended Ambulance Aid, with the required clinical experience certificated by a Medical Consultant to deal with advanced treatment and monitoring of emergency patients. Clinical refreshers must be undertaken either annually or tri-annually as required."



Although Paramedics are trained to carry out a number of interventions, they are only permitted to do so "in an emergency" or "When assisting a Doctor" and not as a matter of routine, this includes all staff both NHS and Private. Additional details are available on request.

NAPAS Member service staffs are all trained through external training providers (other than for induction training). All courses are prior approved, so that they meet with Nationally accepted equivalent levels of training for Ambulance and Extended Ambulance Aid competency. Additional PHTLS - ATLS - BASICS training is encouraged,

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revised 26/4/2020