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With the past lack, of any form of Regulation, in the Private Ambulance Service sector, either in the UK or Eire, regulation was required to meet the urgent demands of both clients and the responsible Private Ambulance Services. P.A.S. Ambulance Consultants formed (in 1988) firstly "The P.A.S. Group" as a Self-Regulatory organisation for Private and Professional Ambulance Services, to provide a basis for provision of services, in accordance with anticipated Public Expectations.

"The P.A.S. Group" was well received by the Industry, as a way forward to Regulation of an otherwise disorganized sector. This Group achieved the basis for National Standards, but at the time required heavy subsidy by P.A.S. Ambulance Consultants it was decided in early 1992 that a more formal basis should be established. This would provide for Independent Management, and still allow Individual members to run their own Individual Companies, but within a General framework of Self-Regulation still based on the basic principle of Public Expectations.

This New organisation became

"The National Association of Private Ambulance Services" (NAPAS).

During the past few years, we have seen a number of attempts in the UK to create Private Ambulance Groups. Some by well meaning individuals, and some by less well meaning individuals, many of whom appear to be motivated by reduced standards, illusions of grandeur, or Financial benefits. Attracting members, many of whom have failed to meet with the NAPAS minimum criteria, and who appear to feel that unless they belong to some form of group, their individual futures are doubtful, this is not far from the truth.

The current situation in the UK and Eire remains the same as in 1988, "Let The Buyer Beware", unless of course that Buyer obtains the services of a Professional Ambulance Service such as those, inspected and approved Registered NAPAS Members. Who undertake to work in accordance with self imposed Regulation, written in accordance with Public Expectation, not written in accordance with any form of lowered expectations, created to pander, or pacify either "wanabe" individuals or other inadequate service providers.

Paramedic, Repatriation Services are available through P.A.S. "First Call" and the PAS Ambulance Network

simply call +0044 (0) 1733-840407 24 hours Service.


If you have suffered an Accident, then you will be entitled to a NHS Ambulance to convey you to a place of treatment usually the nearest accident and Emergency Department at the time of the accident. But what then happens if you decide to opt for further treatment on a private basis

In the UK and Ireland you will have to engage the services of a Private Ambulance Company to undertake your transportation, it will be in your own interest to only use a NAPAS Regulated Service, NAPAS services can be contracted through PAS First Call or on a direct basis.

All Clients are advised that they should not engage any ambulance service in the UK unless that service is registered with the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS). This is an essential requirement in order to protect both children and vulnerable adults. Clients should request the services DBS Registration number and undertake a positive check that the service is so registered. Failure to do so may render the client open to litigation of Failure to Care and protect.

All NAPAS Services are registered through NAPAS for appropriate DBS Disclosure

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