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It has been Nationally recognised since 1970, that Ambulance Aid is a skill of Care and Treatment prior to, and during transportation. These skills can only be achieved through both training and experience, that essential experience should always be obtained through qualified supervision, this includes both Basic and Extended Skills. NAPAS Member Services always ensure that this is undertaken before they will accept staff as being competent.

NAPAS Member service staff are normally trained through external training providers (other than for induction training). All courses are prior approved, so that they meet with Nationally accepted equivalent levels of training for Ambulance and Extended Ambulance Aid competency. Additional PHTLS - ATLS - BASICS training is encouraged.

NAPAS Professional further encourages the development of life-long learning, and during the past year have been engaged on a number of projects to develop this both on line and through already developed programmes. NAPAS are continuing to develop through the Association of European Ambulances (AEA) a European Core Standard for Ambulance Technicians, as this develops we continue to encourage all Ambulance Technicians to engage in some of the recommended existing online educational link programmes, further links are being developed and will be added as time progresses.

NAPAS Educational Links

Welcome to the NAPAS Professional Staff Educational Links try out these varied links print off the results and add them to your portfolio. Your personal NAPAS Portfolio can be printed off here. Personal Portfolio. and Training and experience record

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This is an interactive site covering the human anatomy from head to toe. The exercise area is about placing the correct parts of the body in the right places, it is a pass or fail exercise with instant results, and you can retry as many times as required. This is excellent on line testing for all grades for continuing credits

(We suggest that you print off the results when all correct and add them to your portfolio)

internal site links to educational links SKILL EVALUATION SHEETS FOR EMPLOYERS

As with all educational programmes employers should undertake continued assessment of skills, these skill evaluation sheets are designed to be completed by the employer (Evaluator) and can then be added to the students portfolio as evidence of ongoing continued professional development.

Assessments and Emergency Care training sheets

Soft Tissue Injuries                                                                                                                                        Welcome to Trans-Ambulance M00

Cardiovascular Emergencies                                                                                                                           The following are Links to Trans-Ambulance Site

Diabetic Emergencies                                                                                                                                     Driving & Road Safety MO1 (1)

Gastrointestinal & Urologic Emergencies                                                                                                        Safe Working Environment MO2 (1)

Gynaecologic Emergencies                                                                                                                             Safe Working Environment MO2 (3)

Immunologic Emergencies                                                                                                                             Safe Working Environment MO2 (4)

Internal & External Bleeding                                                                                                                          Safe Working Environment MO2 (5)

Neurological Emergencies                                                                                                                              Safe Working Environment MO2 (6)

Psychiatric Emergencies                                                                                                                                 Basic Life Support MO3 (1)

Respiratory Emergencies                                                                                                                     Transporting Patients to Proper Health Facilities MO4 (1)

Toxicology Emergencies                                                                                                                                 Basic Life Support MO5 (1)

Abdominal Injuries                                                                                                                                         Basic Life Support MO5 (2)

Treatment of Shock                                                                                                                                        Psychological & Social Support MO6 (1)

Orthopaedic Injuries                                                                                                                                       Psychological & Social Support MO6 (2)

Chest Injuries                                                                                                                                                  Psychological & Social Support MO6 (3)

Head & Spine Injuries                                                                                                                                     Advanced Life Support MO7 (1)          

Face & Neck Injuries                                                                                                                                       Ebola Advice Spanish Government

Environmental Emergencies                                                                                                                            Ebola Advice English Translation (see above)

Obstetric Emergencies & Neonates                                                                                                                  

Paediatric Emergencies

Geriatric Emergencies

Ambulance Law Revised 2015

Bomb Blast Curriculum.

Bombings (requires Power Point)

Medical Device Advisory Instructions

Employment Law Legalisation

Legal Status Attempting Resuscitation

Lucas Chest Compression System.

Short History of Stretchers


revised 264/2020