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Rule (6) it is NAPAS Policy, that all Staff must be supplied with sufficient equipment to carry out the tasks and skills that they may reasonably be called upon to perform. And that all such equipment is regularly maintained in a safe and serviceable condition, and that members keep written records on a daily / weekly basis, of any faults and rectification.

Health & Safety policy (2) "That all equipment should be regularly serviced and maintained, and only used in a safe condition"

The Employee responsibilities are:

"To bring to the attention of the Proprietor or Designated Director of the Registered Member within the Group, any unsafe practice or defect"

"To report to their employer directly any defective or malfunctioning equipment or vehicle"

It is the Responsibility of the Proprietor or Designated Director: -

"To rectify any matter in a competent and proper manner, either immediately or within a reasonable period"


Medical Cars for Transportation of Patients (Category 1)

* Two Blankets

* Suitable First Aid Bag / Case

* Brooks & Orpharyngeal airways

* Oxygen Unit Manual Resuscitation.

In accordance with Rule 6 staff must be competent in use of the above items.

Emergency Ambulances for Transporting of Patients (Category 2)

Intensive Care Ambulances for Transportation of Patients (Category 3),

Additional Options,

The above listings are the minimum requirements for Ambulances; additional equipment may be carried or made available in accordance with local needs.

Low profile Ambulances may not carry all of the emergency equipment listed, specified equipment is however normally available, and should be requested in detail before the journey commencement.

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revised 28/4/2020