"NAPAS" Registered Services wish to provide a high professional standard of service provision, how ever as with any service that provides mobile services, employing over 500 individuals we recognise that on a limited number of occasions, with the thousands of individual journey's involved, we anticipate that at times, and on some occasions, services may not always meet with the very high standards that NAPAS and the individual member services have set themselves.

This may on occasions give rise to a consumer concern, it may be, only a minor concern, or it may be a more serious complaint that requires further Independent investigation.

NAPAS and its Regulated Member Services policy with regard to concerns or complaints, is that we use these to identify and address issues of individual or collective concern, and as a means to rectify complaints in order to improve the services that are provided by all.

Throughout the past twelve years NAPAS have received only a few complaints concerning the abuse of the Code of Practice, any that have been received have been fully investigated, and the number of complaints received are reported in the annual issue of the Code of Practice.

We have also received many thousands of letters of thanks concerning consumer satisfaction, we also value these for the same reasons stated above as it gives the crews and the Member service, an indication that they are continuing to maintain the NAPAS high standards.




For verbal concerns these are best dealt with at the time and

our professional crews will be pleased to deal with these as they arise

For the purpose of recording complaints or consumer satisfaction

We have a simple written form this is available from the crew.


We maintain a professional ambulance policy that we do not and neither do our staff accept any forms of verbal or physical abuse

In such cases the Police may be called and offenders prosecuted.


Complaints & Concerns Procedure.

NAPAS provide clients and Registered member services, with a free arbitration process, as an alternative to small claims court action. Arbitration is a way for people to settle disputes by discussing them with an Independent person, in order for both parties to reach agreement without having to undertake court action, for services provided that are considered wrong.

However wrongdoing without harm, is not usually compensatable. NAPAS will also investigate written or verbal complaints concerning Registered Member Services non-compliance with the NAPAS Code of Practice.

Where matters concern possible claims for Medical Negligence, Personal Injury or Defective Products supplied these matters are referred to the Individual Registered Members Insurance Company, and will be outside of the scope of the NAPAS Arbitration process.

Immediate Consumer Concerns:

These are best dealt with at the time, if you have any concerns these should be raised either with the crew at the time, or as soon as possible after direct with the Individual NAPAS member service.

In the case of considered minor non-compliance of the NAPAS Code of Practice

These should be taken up in the first instance with the Individual NAPAS Member Service on a direct basis, the member service should be allowed at least 7 days in which to respond, In the event of continued client dissatisfaction the matter may be referred by the client to the NAPAS management service, preferably in writing although not necessarily, as a verbal complaint is acceptable where the client has difficulty in providing such in written form. This should outline in full the matters of concern or complaint.

NAPAS will respond within 7 days, giving an indication as to the estimated time required giving a fuller and more detailed response to the client or client's representative, during that period no sanction on the member shall apply.

In the case of any considered serious non-compliance, a temporary 7 day suspension from NAPAS membership shall apply. Failure of the registered member service to respond to NAPAS within 7 days shall result in formal NAPAS suspension. Failure to reply within a further 7 days shall result in removal from NAPAS membership. Suspension or Exclusion from Membership is only undertaken as a last resort, where a Registered Member service fails to respond to allegations or refuses to cooperate with a NAPAS investigation. In these cases persons whom may be relying that the member is complying with the NAPAS code of practice will be informed where ever possible of the circumstances of the suspension or removal in writing.

An Annual report is provided within the annual issue of the NAPAS code of practice detailing compliance checks, any sanctions imposed, any changes to code recommended and information on the outcome of any written recorded complaints sent to NAPAS.


We also receive many thousands of letters of thanks concerning consumer satisfaction; these are valued as it gives the crews and the Member service, an indication that they are continuing to maintain NAPAS high standards.

revised 26/4/2020