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NAPAS Professional is a registered corporate body, the members have liability limited to £1 per member,

NAPAS Professional can do far more than NAPAS (Private) or the BAA combined, as they both remain un-incorporated.

NAPAS Professional is for Entrepreneurial Ambulance Services, (Independent Private/Professional Ambulance services with economical activities related to AMBULANCE and Health transportation, whom agree to work in accordance with the associations published self-regulatory Code of Practice)Article 6

Our means of “action” is not just about use of bus lanes, or about NHS Staff working in the Private Sector, they may be matters of high concern to Couriers, taxi or bus companies whom have decided to place the word Ambulance on the car or bus type vehicle, but then unfortunately find that they are in fact not Ambulances, but car or bus type vehicles that are neither taxis or bus’s but may be Disable passenger vehicles as they may convey a wheelchair?

NAPAS Professional is about everyday problems, with regard to the Employment of NHS Staff when off duty, this is dealt with clearly within the code of practice, if any member is having problems, as one or two had been, then we refer matters to our Retained International Solicitors and as an Independent Corporate Association we pursue without fear any NHS Service that acts unlawfully by restricting the employment of any Individual staff. As for Bus lanes, none of our services whom comply with the Code of Practice have had any such problems, as they do not have problems with road tolls, parking or other such lawful allowances.

So what is the agenda: Firstly and of prime importance is assisting members in reducing everyday costs, so that they may save money, and remain competitive in an expanding market.

NAPAS Professional through its European Association affiliation (AEA) with over 2,000 members in France, Spain, Portugal Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria, Ireland and The UK, benefits through numbers and size, it no longer has to be just fifty members to obtain the same benefits as the 2,000, what does that cost? It is an extra £100 pa. What does it cost to actually join NAPAS Professional £300 pa.


We have been at the forefront of developing a European standard of training and professional improvement, this will lead to a new European Standard and qualification, the National Agency of the European Community provided NAPAS Professional together with our European Associates with a very healthy Budget to undertake this task, it officially started on the 1st October 2012 and is intended to normalise the contents of training to a new European Level for all Ambulance Technicians and to provide through the Spanish Ministry of Education a European wide certificate of competency for Ambulance Technicians. NAPAS Professional Founder Members will be highly involved in developing these standards in both Ireland and the UK.

Member Services have indicated that as they have to pay more for membership,

They want the Association to reduce everyday costs.

NAPAS Professional priority is to meet with those requests, and to that end we have and are in the process of getting you even better deals than was previously available through either NAPAS Private or the BAA.

Firstly Fuel with a NAPAS professional Fuel Card, you could have saved January/August 20112 £361.44 the average net saving off of forecourt pump prices and by the end of year this would be double your NAPAS Professional membership fee, if you used half a tank of fuel a day in just one vehicle. Multiply this by how many vehicles you have on the road, and your NAPAS Professional membership fee has more than paid for itself. Not only that, but NAPAS Professional will receive a small fee for every Litre you purchase. That money goes directly to NAPAS professional and goes towards possible reductions in future membership fees.

Whilst on fuel through the European Association we are continuing to present a case for all  Professional Ambulance services (currently VAT Exempt services) to be refunded VAT on all purchases concerned with the provision of that Exempt Service of Ambulance Transportation. Including the refunding of VAT on Fuel, this is why you should have a NAPAS Professional Fuel Card, as this may be the only way to Zero Rate the input, so that you do not pay VAT on fuel, should this be successful it will only be available to NAPAS professional member services, although others may be invited but not on the same terms and conditions of Founder members.

Another everyday cost “Insurance” The NAPAS Private Ambulance Insurance Scheme has been revamped, and we now have access to Vehicle insurance and vehicle recovery schemes that are highly competitive, one small company saved over £1,000 on premiums during 2012/13

The aim and objective is to revamp the existing schemes in order to obtain deeper discounts for NAPAS Professional members, and to possibly open the market to other suitable services, in order to achieve additional saving of between 10 and 15% on existing costs.  

Our Brokers are also actively engaged with underwriters and have obtained a combined Vehicle policy including breakdown recovery at a lower cost than others in the market. This may well be achievable due to the very good track record of NAPAS Private Services, again due to them working within the defined code of practice, and having a successful low claims record.

More news as it develops. We can only respectfully suggest that you give us a call before renewing any existing policies. The new schemes may also be open to non-members but at increased rates than those available to NAPAS Professional Members,

DBS Checks: NAPAS are the only Ambulance umbrella organisation registered for undertaking enhanced DBS checks for Ambulance Staff that issues an acceptable document for CQC and NHS checking purposes. We also undertake DBS checks for other providers, at normal rates + administration fee.

For Napas Professional members the rate is half that offered to any other provider, the cost is DBS Fee + £6. The £6 goes directly to NAPAS Professional for the benefit of the members. So by undertaking checks through NAPAS, you can not only become a nominated person for checking staff, but you will also have all lawful compliance provided, and your administration fee is eventually returned via your own Association NAPAS Professional. Again the intent is to do more and to provide additional income towards future reductions in membership fees. 

Every day cleaning: compliance with the NHS Code of Practice on the prevention and control of Infections is a Lawful requirement under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. NAPAS Professional has this problem sorted, to the extent that its policy and system clearly met with CQC requirements. It is unfortunate that “Desaclens Rapid” as a product is now no longer available, however we have been approached by another supplier, whom provide a similar product together with the appropriate documentation, they have modified the hand spray and will soon be sending samples to each registered NAPAS Professional Member, the price will be very competitive, and there will also be a larger misting machine for larger companies whom may want to deep clean on a monthly basis.  this is Saniswiss Biosanitizer NAPAS professional will again receive a small % of each sale, which will again go towards reducing future membership costs.

Perhaps not an everyday deal, but a deal well worth going for.

If you are contemplating buying a brand new Ambulance

Then contact Emergencia2000 UK and Eire telephone 00353-87-1938666 check the website they are offering NAPAS Professional Services a 5% discount on any new vehicle ordered.

Again saving you money these full front line CEN regulated Ambulances (and other Ambulances) built in Spain take 30 days to build once the chassis is obtained, the cost about E53,000 = at to days rate of exchange its just under £42,000 plus a 5% discount = under £40,000 a saving of over 5 times your annual membership fee, or should we say buy one ambulance at £42,000 and your membership fee is paid for the next five years.

These Ambulances are available to any one but the valuable discount is not. We are also working on other deals for Equipment.

Essential Equipment testing together with the all essential documentation for NAPAS Professional Services is available through J-Pen medical, they undertake on-site testing a reasonable agreed half day and full day rate.

Details available are from the NAPAS Professional main office.

NAPAS Professional is planning to produce a CQC compliance pack covering all the 21 outcomes, this will be available to members for a small fee. This following files may be of interest to members CQC Do do or not to do CQC Outcomes

So have we got it right saving money, saving time, and eventually saving membership fees?

A small charge now, producing greater savings later, if you have not joined yet complete the application form and send it with a cheque to NAPAS Professional. In the meantime use the details below to start getting savings tomorrow

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A Little help for NAPAS Professional members from the Chancellor

We have to assume that George Osborne believed that his latest Budget was a good one, but some NAPAS Professional members are not convinced. One certainty is that the Chancellor of the Exchequer declined to implement a number of proposed measures that would have been of immediate all-around benefit. A reduction in fuel duty is just the most obvious of these, and implementation of VAT input refunding to Exempt Ambulance Services is another priority, it has however not slipped our notice that this should have been implemented, and NAPAS Professional have found that this can be undertaken by Regulation through our Incorporated Association, with our European Associates we are actively pursuing this priority.

Our strategic fuel cards partner, The Fuelcard People, knows the fuel industry intimately, deals with our members every day and is better placed than most to comment. “The good news is that, as promised, fuel duty has not been increased in the latest Budget. The bad news is that it is still going to rise in August, increasing the cost of diesel and petrol for everyone by an extra 3p per litre. What members actually needed from Mr. Osborne was a cut in duty."

The good news for NAPAS Professional members is that, thanks to our strategic partnership, they can ignore the price shown on the pump. Any member using The Fuelcard People to find the right fuel card for their specific needs can expect to save up to 4p per litre compared with the national average pump price – and that is just the start of the benefits, when refunding of VAT for Exempt Ambulance Services comes into play in the UK,(NAPAS Professional has produced a strong case) the Fuelcard people will be able to action this directly for NAPAS Professional Members only.

Members should ring Steve Gale for more information on NAPAS discount fuel cards. Call 0844 870 9856, or ask him to call you back here.

Remember however you have to be in to get the benefits, so join today.

If you would prefer to compare all the benefits and find the right fuel card online, go to our fuel card website, where you can use the comparison tool and find the nearest cheap fuel station where you could use your fuel card.

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The Fuelcard People, The Black Barn, Manor Farm, Manor Road, Wantage, Oxfordshire OX12 8NE


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